The Trust -Our Activities

In addition to the internships, monograph, cataloguing project and other academic research, the trust is invested in the preservation of this American artist’s artwork and papers. We also offer loans and traveling exhibits to select venues.

The Importance of Education

The trust is also dedicated to expanding its efforts to create inclusive training opportunities to qualified students in the arts including curatorial, registrar and archivist training in the context of our work and special projects with a special emphasis on creating self-efficacy for women and minorities seeking a career in the fine arts and related fields.

Archival Efforts

In other news, we are also currently engaged in the archival preservation of the artist’s work and legacy, through research and digitization of the paintings, drawings, and text at the artist’s trust and national archives. This effort will make Boccia’s practice accessible to scholars and students alike and further scholarship on the artist.


As part of the educational program, the Boccia Trust loans work to borrowing institutions as requested, and asks all inquiries include a facility report, proposed nail to nail insurance and transport details, a formal letter of request, dates, and a formal loan agreement as well as all technical details regarding installation. The trust requires that the borrower provide and incur the cost of all packing (to be approved by the trust conservator and curators) and asks for all exhibit facilities to be secure, climate controlled and alarmed. All loans must have a condition report outgoing and incoming by a curator, registrar, or conservator or other qualified individual approved by the trust.

Traveling Exhibitions

As well, the trust is in the process of developing exhibitions of the artist’s solo work and thematic exhibitions including work of contemporaries. Curated and organized traveling exhibits are provided to interested accredited museums, and organizations.



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