Edward Boccia

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The late American Artist Edward E. Boccia (1921-2012) was an imaginative and technically gifted painter whose Neo-Expressionist oeuvre expressed the crisis of morality experienced in mid-century America in the face of consumerism.

In his expansive body of work, Boccia also addresses conflicts about the role of spirituality and religion in contemporary society, and the tensions between the hierarchies of style in the post war era.

Many of Boccia’s works tell the story of personal loss and struggle in heroic scale, including pictures depicting the loss of a child.¬†Throughout his life, Boccia’s paintings have offered an unflinching view of the complexity of the human heart and mind, the beauty and tragedy of life, and as such are deeply affecting.

The Italian American artist was a veteran of the Ghost Army of WW II, and after the war  became a favorite among a small circle of important collectors of the mid to late 20th century. The artist also served as a fine art professor for over 30 years at Washington University St. Louis.


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