Internship Program


We offer a range of internships for university students in the fields of archival studies, art history and museum studies. At this point in time, the internships are unpaid, but offer critical training to students seeking professional development and experience.

If the student is currently enrolled we can work with the student and his or her supervisor to develop independent projects or thesis credits.

Much of the research based work may be performed remotely, but the student should be available for phone calls about 2 x a month. You should have access to a university library and electronic sources for research. We are flexible about the amount of time spent, but require a commitment of a minimum of 3-6 months, and a minimum of approximately 3-6 hours a week.

While all candidates are welcome to apply, we particularly seek to offer training opportunities to women and minorities interested in entering the art historical or museum field. We are seeking to support our efforts through grant programs and foresee collaborations with non-profit youth organizations concerned with art education.

Prospective interns may contact us via email with full application materials including:

  1. Statement of Intent or Cover Letter.
  2. Resume with full contact information.
  3. 2 (3 maximum) letters of reference in your field of study including email addresses of the referees.
  4. Transcript(s) if available.
  5. Writing Samples (academic only please).

Please send all materials as ONE WORD or PDF attachment here with the subject line BOCCIA INTERN APPLICATION


Boccia was a professor at Washington University, St. Louis for over thirty years; following the steps of mid century art world illuminati such as Philip Guston and Max Beckmann.

As part of the influential development of a vibrant arts culture at Washington University, Boccia was deeply dedicated to teaching and rigorous training, the artist instilled in his students not only the drive to experiment, but also discipline and industry as a means to successful creative vision.

In recognition of this legacy, the trust is committed to providing specialized training and education opportunities to university students in the arts in order to create learning and professional self-efficacy.